Bing Copeland played a major role in helping surfing and the surfboard industry to become what they are today. At 13, he became fascinated while helping out at pioneer surfboard maker Dale Velzy’s workshop in Manhattan Beach. He spent the mid ’50s in the Coast Guard stationed in Hawaii and surfed the big waves of Oahu’s North Shore and Makaha. In 1958 he sailed across the Pacific and introduced modern surfboards to New Zealand.

    By 1960, back in Southern California, he was making surfboards commercially and his company became one of the longest-running and most progressive in the surfing world. This is the story of Bing Copeland, the business he built, the colorful cast of craftsmen he employed and the visionary surfboards they made and continue to make even now.

    Bing Book
    A great gift for any surfer
    192-pages, high-quality, full-color, coffee-table format (9½” x 12¼”) hardcover.

    “I’m really excited about this book. Paul Holmes and everyone who helped produce it have done a wonderful job and I’m stoked. I’m sure everyone who reads it will be stoked too!” – Bing Copeland


    Here’s just some of what you’ll find in the new book “Bing Surfboards’ fifty years of craftsmanship and innovation” by Paul Holmes:

    192-pages, high-quality, full-color, coffee-table format (9½” x 12¼”) hardcover book featuring 300-plus historic and contemporary photographs including some 50 action surf shots of Bing Copeland and his illustrious contingent of team riders through the years taken by some of surfing’s all time great photographers.

    The amazing life story of Bing Copeland and his company, and a complete review of all Bing Surfboards models and their contribution to surfboard design evolution.

    The involvement and role of key team riders and shapers including David Nuuhiwa, Dick Brewer, Jock Sutherland, Dru Harrison, Steve Schlickenmeyer, Keith Paull, Rolf Aurness, Mike Eaton, Claude Codgen, the Campbell brothers, Peter Townend and many, many more.

    Large photos and detail shots of more than 60 classic Bing boards along with serial numbers, dimensions and significant elements of their design and/or construction techniques and the Bing Surfboards fin timeline showing the development of surfboard fin  design’all essential information for collectors, surf history fans and anyone passionate about surfboards.

    • Workers’ tales from the factory floor – some funny, some serious and some just plain crazy!
    • Brochures, price lists, original letters and other documents from the Bing Surfboards archive.
    • Reprints of all Bing Surfboards advertising in surf magazines’a classic blast from the past!
    • Logos and art from every Bing Surfboards model ever made!
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