Chuki with his new Bing Silver Spoon

    This is Ignacio “Chuki” Solis, from Spain.

    I’m 40 years old, married with a couple of nice kids (Ignacio Jr., 8, and Ana, 2). Live in the northern coast of Spain, in a lovely place called Asturias, with the mountains close to the seashore, very green and humid, with a mild weather, just too cold for a couple of months a year.
    I started surfing when I was 15. All my friends do the same, so I started out as a natural thing. First I rode shortboards, but when I married in ’97, my wife gave me a longboard and everything starts to change. My approach to surfing was different, and I started to try different things and different volumes. A year ago or so, the people of brought a few Bings to Spain, I tried ’em and felt in love with the boards.
    I never rode a classic longboard like my Silver Spoon before, and I have to say that it wasn’t easy at the beggining. The first sessions was all about trying to stop the board, because his inertia was amazing. It was a challenge from the beginning, but soon I discover the possibilities of the board and I just love it.
    I rode fishes before, but never something like yours. I started with the classic fish, but now I move over a quad fish, wich I think’s much more complete in all situations. The board is magic, and can handle all wave-sizes pretty good. People get crazy about “how many waves do you catch?” because his paddle ability is a plus.

    I had a blog a few moths back called I run it for a couple of years, but now we team together with a couple of friends and we found wich is more complete, with more photos and stuff. Sorry to say it’s only written in spanish… But take a look, it’s worth to visit sometimes.
    I do some coverage of your boards, of course; they deserve that and much more.

    Chuk says that the Gold Standard is also working good in Europe! "Photo by Clau"

    Chuki on his Bing Quad. "Photo by Clau"



    "Photo by Clau"


    Guess what Chuk is riding? "Photo by Clau"


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